The Art of Maquillage

The wispy 3D mink lashes eyelash Artist is the person responsible to ensure the actors on a set or stage, be it movie, theater, look good. They need to represent what they are supposed to, i.e. a young lady or an old man, a likable character or a despicable personality. Their appearance needs to match the temperament they’re exhibiting.

To embody the character with life, the wispy 3D mink lashes eyelash artist will use a number of sophisticated tricks. The choice between various colors of cosmetics, foundation, powder, lipstick, an innumerable range of hairdos, wigs and other knickknacks that will bring about a personality unique.

wispy 3D mink lashes eyelash
wispy 3D mink lashes eyelash

They may have to create wrinkles where there are none, make them disappear where they exist, improvise all sort of injuries – bloody head, bluish arm, black eye, pale cheeks, and be ready to face any technical problems the actor may have, such as acne, hypersensitive skin, cream or powder intolerance and much more.

Lighting knowledge is imperative. How lighting changes the skin tone and the results is a basic that any good wispy 3D mink lashes eyelash artist masters as a prime tool. They are expert special effects and their duty is to ensure the actor or actress appears perfect for the part they are to play.

Every little imperfection on a person’s skin will show on a camera closeup. It is the makeup artist’s job to compensate for it and make all the flaws disappear.

If you Google “makeup schools”, you will find a zillion schools that teach the job. No wonder, since the use of cosmetics started thousands of years ago. It was known in Ancient Egypt, 3500 BC, by the Ancient Greeks, the Romans and the Chinese.

There is a publication called “Make-Up Artist” which covers all aspects of the trade: film, television, theater and print. You will find in each issue techniques, product reviews, industry news and makeup tidbits on upcoming films.

This magazine organizes as well six wispy 3D mink lashes eyelash industry trade shows each year: London in January, New York in April, Los Angeles in June, Vancouver in July, Sydney in September and Toronto in November.  if you are interested.

I am sure you can catch the work of the wispy 3D mink lashes eyelash Artist in films such as Million Dollar Baby; The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo; The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

wispy 3D mink lashes eyelash
wispy 3D mink lashes eyelash

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