How to Reverse Aging With One Simple Eye Makeover Tip

It can be amazing how different we can look by doing something as simple as just getting long and full strip eye lashes. A great set of eyelashes will do wonders to perking up your eyes and making you look more awake and young. While false eyelashes are a great way to quickly give yourself the illusion of having a set of full fluttering eyelashes, it is easy to cross over into drag queen territory.

Falsies are a great way to add some drama to your makeover especially if you are going for a night time makeup look for partying or going out, but are not really appropriate for day time makeup for going in to the office especially if you work in a more conservative area like insurance or academia.

strip eye lashes
strip eye lashes

So what should a girl do? You could try using a lengthening or volume enhancing mascara to make your strip eye lashes look brighter, but again there is the problem of looking overly made up. Just one extra swipe of your mascara wand can turn you into a Tammy Fay Baker impersonator and well, I will assume that that is not the look that most of you are going after.

The best way to get longer eyelashes that are low maintenance is to grow your own lashes! There are eyelash growth products that can help accelerate your eyelash growth to give you naturally long eyelashes without having to mess with layers of mascara or fake strip eye lashes. The best eyelash conditioners work in just several weeks and the results are dramatic. Trust me when I tell you that random women on the street will soon stop you to compliment you on your eyelashes. Now whether you let them in on your beauty secret or let them think you are just naturally blessed is up to you.

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