Is Cheap Makeup Safe?

There’s a wide variety of discount and low cost silk lashes websites out there today. I want to answer the question a lot of my customers ask, whether or not cheap makeup is safe. It’s often a question customers ask when visiting my shop. Partly due to the fact that makeup is a personal item, worn on the face or body for at times, long periods. Below I have tried to dispel some fears and concerns. Through some common questions and answers.

silk lashes
silk lashes

Many online stores are selling out of date silk lashes.

A common misconception, this is not the case. Silk lashes has a sell buy of many years and so is irrelevant from a sale point of view. Although is very easy to check on receiving the product.

The silk lashes is damaged or ex stock that’s why its discounted and cheap so it’s not as good as normal make up.

Cheap or discount make up is not ex stock but in most case bought direct from the manufacturer further up the supply chain passing on a real saving to customers.

It’s been discontinued due to packaging.

This is sometimes the case but often the product is just repackaged. The ingredients remain the same so a real saving can be found.

Other basics to look out for.

Check its sealed, this is obvious but check your silk lashes is sealed when delivered or the website offers it sealed. Some cosmetics due to their nature are not sealed but check for worn packaging, believe it or not I heard of an online auction seller selling part used silk lashes!

Look for a reputable online seller with a branded shop go buy recommendations from friends/colleagues who have purchased products before they may be able to recommend a particular sites.

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