The Basics of Eyelash Implants

If you are a man, chances are you know nothing about quality 3d mink lashes or lash beauty. Eyelashes are usually a minor detail that men don’t focus on, or at least they don’t think they do. For women, the topic of eyelashes is an entirely different matter. If women suddenly stopped taking care of their eyelashes or accentuating them, men would surely notice. And the fact is women spend a considerably large amount of time thinking about what to do with their eyelashes. Some of them won’t even leave the house without giving their lashes a bit of curl. Eyelashes are extremely important to achieving a particular look because they serve the purpose of enhancing the eyes. And the eyes, after all, are the key feature on any woman’s face that they want to draw attention to. Up until recent years, women had to rely on quality 3d mink lashes curlers and fake eyelashes to get the look that they wanted. But now, thanks to new developments in medical technology, it is possible to get eyelash implants.

quality 3d mink lashes
quality 3d mink lashes

Keep in mind the quality 3d mink lashes implants are not for everyone. In fact, they were originally designed for women who had gone through chemotherapy and a resulting lack in eyelash hair. For the most part, this type of surgery is still reserved for patients with medical conditions that affect their eyelashes. You can however, find more doctors who are qualified to perform the surgery for cosmetic reasons as well. Some people would question why a woman would go to such lengths to get eyelashes. But it is entirely a personal choice, and some women feel that they’re so lacking in the quality 3d mink lashes department that there is no other alternative.

The eyelash implant procedure is similar to that associated with getting hair plugs. A patient will have a portion of their skin and hair removed from the back of their head. Hair follicles will be taken and carefully implanted into the eyelash area. The whole time a patient will be awake and put under local anaesthetic. There won’t be much downtime at all associated with the surgery, but results should not be expected immediately. Usually a patient will have to wait several months for the hair to start growing in a natural way. And on top of that, they might have to endure a period where the hair seemingly falls out completely. But this is just part of the natural hair growth cycle, and in time eyelashes can be growing in the area just like they would normally.

Using an eyelash curler is a great natural way to enhance your lashes. If all else fails, an alternative is eyelash implants as outlined in this article.

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