Tips on Make-Up In A Few Simple Steps

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I’ll be providing tons of own brand custom eyelashes packageĀ  tips to help you out with the common make-up mistakes most of the people do. I’ll be telling you how to choose the RIGHT foundation for your complexion. As using of wrong foundation or eyeshadow colour will make you look sick or weird. And I’ll also explain or clear your doubts about certain make-up products that you have bought from the departmental stores.

Firstly I would like to explain to you the difference between foundation.

Q1: What is Loose Powder?

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Loose powder is a why movie star glow on the red carpet – modern formulas contain light-reflecting particles to instantly give a healthy radiance to skin. Use a fluffy brush or a puff to sweep a very thin layer over your foundation.

Who does it suit?

Woman who want instant radiance but no oily shine.
If you head out to events after work, a light sweep of loose powder gives instant radiance and make you look rested and ready to have fun.

Q2: What is Compact Powder?

Compact powder today are totally different from the talc-like ones your mother used. Now they have light-reflecting ingredients to make skin look soft, fresh and matte. New formulas to “balance” skin contain powders to absorb oil and make shiny areas matte, plus emollients to moisturise dry areas, like the cheek.

Who does it suit?

Oily or combination skin type.
It makes large pores look smaller if applied with a fluffy brush.
For more coverage, use a dry sponge and press powder gently onto your face.
Good for on-the-go touch-ups as it’s portable. Can be used over foundation or solo as it gives good, matte coverage.

Q3: What is Liquid to Powder?

This is a soft, airy base that gives more coverage than liquid, but isn’t as heavy as stick foundations. The liquid transforms into a matte powder on your skin, so you don’t need to set it with powder.

Who does own brand custom eyelashes package suit?

Normal to oily skin – it gives a matte finish and cuts shine on oily skin.
Good if you like to build up more coverage, for example, your nose.
A tiny brush is a good addition, as it lets you layer on more foundation on areas that need it (like dark spots).
Gives good coverage and is hassle-free as you don’t need to touch up with powder.

Q4: What is Liquid Foundation?

Liquid foundation can be blended in a sheer own brand custom eyelashes package over your whole face to even out skin tone, or used only on areas that need help – like under your eyes or around your nose. Pump bottles are the most hygienic in tropical weather.

Who does it suit?

Suits most skin types, but especially good for dry skin or women who work in air-conditioning, as it moisturises slightly.
Oil free formulas also suit oily skins.
Good if you like a natural look, as it goes on very sheer and lightly dewy. If you prefer a matte look, set with loose powder using a puff or brush.

Q5: What is Two-Way Foundation?

Two-way foundation can be used dry or wet, to give two different effects. Used with a dry sponge, it’s a powder. A damp sponge gives more intense coverage.

Who does it suit?

Women who want versatile looks.
New formulas come with skincare ingredients, to do double duty: as well as acting as a foundation, they become the last step in your anti-ageing or whitening routine.
Wet or dry, it gives higher coverage than compact own brand custom eyelashes package , as it has a higher concentration of intense colour pigments.
Now you should understand better how different foundation works. I hope all these information I provide will help you to choose the right kind of foundation you need.

Hope you will understand better the different types of foundation and it uses.

I’ll be posting more tips on own brand custom eyelashes package soon, so please do check out my article often!

own brand custom eyelashes package
own brand custom eyelashes package

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