Wedding Day Makeup Tips

On you wedding day you’ll want to look your absolute best and many brides worry their complexion will let them down on the day. But perfect, unblemished and radiant skin can be easily achieved by following a few basic rules. The first mistake many brides make is to apply heavy foundation on the day to even out the imperfections. Not advisable at the best of times but on the big day this can be an awful mistake. Your own brand 3D mink lashes has to perform all day long and by the end of the afternoon it will look a mess.

own brand 3D mink lashes
own brand 3D mink lashes

Ideally, you should apply your own brand 3D mink lashes in layers; start with a good moisturiser and use a specialist primer. This will give your foundation something to hold on to and will help to fill any fine lines too. Select a good quality, lightly textured, foundation and apply with a fine soft brush for a perfect air-brushed complexion.

Perfect for hiding minor flaws and covering little blemishes, a good quality concealer is essential on your wedding day. For under the eyes use a light specialist concealer and for spots and blemishes use a slightly heavier version. For perfect results use a little moisturiser first and apply the concealer with a soft brush until you achieve the perfect look.

Use a little powder to set your own brand 3D mink lashes  base, to eliminate shine and to provide a perfect base for your eye shadow. Don’t overdo it, a light dusting should suffice and use the best quality you can afford.

Shimmer and Shine
Make-up with a shimmer or added luminiser is great for everyday use but not your wedding. Whenever there is going to flash photography you want to avoid as much shine as possible. Looking after your skin and getting plenty of exercise should give you all the radiance you need without resorting to synthetic products.

Eye Make-up
Don’t be tempted to try and coordinate your eye own brand 3D mink lashes with your dress or general colour theme. Choose colours that suit you and your skin tone – trying to match something else could be a disaster. Don’t forget also that weddings can be tearful events so opt for waterproof mascara.

Wedding Day Lips
Matt lipstick is ideal for weddings as it tends to last longer and also avoids shine. Rose and coral shades are traditionally best, but concentrate on what suits you first.

On the Wedding Day
Make sure you have all you need foe essential top-ups throughout the day, especially powder and a soft brush. A good supply of tissues is advisable too and, if your budget will allow, have your make-up artist in attendance – it’s your big day after all.

For successful bridal make-up  on your big day find a hair and own brand 3D mink lashes artist in your area with Wedding Hair and Make-up  – a directory of bridal hair and beauty consultants throughout the UK.

own brand 3D mink lashes
own brand 3D mink lashes

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