Makeup – How to Apply Makeup Like the Professionals for the Natural Beauty Look

While many women turn to the magic of mink fur eyelash to revitalize their look, too many ladies achieve a result that is very unflattering. Too much eye shadow and that sultry, smoky look turns into the equivalent of a black eye. Not enough blush, and your cheeks look very unhealthy. Choose the wrong lipstick? You can attract the wrong attention, while failing to secure your dream job.

“Too much” mink fur eyelash, along with poor makeup selection, can be a very bad thing indeed. Heavy application – or even merely a heavy-handed application of a relatively small amount of makeup – can make your skin appear lifeless and flaky.

mink fur eyelash
mink fur eyelash

All of the Hollywood starlets appear on the scene wearing significant amounts of makeup, and they all achieve that perfect look. What’s a real-life lady to do? The answer is simple: do as the starlets do – use the same tricks and techniques mink fur eyelash artists carry in their arsenal!

Building the Right mink fur eyelash Foundation

Considering that foundation is the makeup product that comprises the majority of your face, choosing the right tone is critical in creating an attractive look. Professional makeup artists all opt for liquid foundation, which has the most natural, smooth appearance.

Using a makeup sponge, liquid foundation goes on much more evenly, and looks more natural than powder foundation. Powder foundation has a tendency to look patchy, bringing out dry spots in the skin when applied. Thus, choose a good liquid foundation, and you’re on your way to a beautiful, made up appearance!

The second element to the foundation is choosing the perfect match for your complexion. The last thing you want is a foundation that appears to be too dark for your skin color. Similarly, a foundation that is too light in color will make your skin seem unnecessarily pale, and this mink fur eyelash may not conceal any blemishes or skin imperfection.

Professional makeup artists almost never use foundation straight from the bottle; instead, they mix and match several shades to create the perfect color for each individual. Consumers can also enjoy this luxury by working with companies that create custom foundation shades.

Always Choosing Blush

One of the most underrated makeup products, blush is important for every single individual, whether or not you are attempting to achieve rosy cheeks. Once you have applied your foundation, your imperfections are indeed covered – but so are your natural skin colorations. The natural, healthy color in your cheeks is dampened, and thus, you should use blush to revitalize that healthy glow. Remember, blush does not necessarily mean pink. The shades of peach and bronze allow you to achieve the look you desire, whether it is sultry or chic, but still give the underlying appearance of healthy, vibrant skin. Particularly for business or professional events, you want just a touch of blush on your cheeks so that you look awake and refreshed.

Once you selected and purchased the perfect pale blush, use a large round mink fur eyelash brush to apply. Study the contours of your face and determine where your cheekbones are. You may wish to suck in your cheeks, applying the blush makeup in upwards strokes along the contours. The purpose of blush is to accent those cheekbones to create an illusion that your face looks more angular and slimmer, so follow the line of cheekbones to accentuate them further.

Intelligent Makeup Color Choices

Many professional makeup artists utilize color palettes to select the perfect colors that compliment their clients’ skin. Your makeup should follow the same rule. Make sure that you fully understand your skin tone, and choose your makeup colors accordingly. For example, if you have an olive skin tone, you want to avoid yellows and greens, but instead, choose roses and browns.

When you remember that makeup is meant to accentuate – not cover up – your natural beauty, then you can make the right choices that allow your face to enjoy a flawless appearance.

mink fur eyelash
mink fur eyelash

Nicole Essler is a professional makeup artist and head beautician at Cleopatras Choice cosmetics which supplies high quality make up

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