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Nipple Jewelry

Nipple jewelry can be very exciting to wear. Men and women of all ages typically wear piercing mink eyelashes extensions as an expression of their self confidence. It is sexy, fun, and hip and for girls, it is something to show off for the mink eyelashes extensions if they are lucky enough to get a peek.


zvhair However, this mink eyelashes extensions can be dangerous. If it is taken care of properly or not done right it can cause scars, infections, allergies and other more serious complications that can last a lifetime. There are been some cases where women experience blockage of the milk ducts or painful nursing. Non piercing nipple jewelry is a great alternative to solve these problems.

Non piercing nipple jewelry provides the effect of piercing without any of the mink eyelashes extensions of piercing jewelry. The use of nipple clips also eliminates the pain that is associated with nipple jewelry. You can also wear bells, nipple shields and chains and other sexy items from the nipple. The material that nipple jewelry is made from can be as expensive as platinum or gold or as inexpensive as glass, plastic, surgical steel or other manmade materials. They all wear well and look sexy.

Some types of non piercing nipple jewelry adhere to the body by eyelash glue or spirit, magnet or a clip, which mink eyelashes extensions the skin slightly to attach or by some other means. There is never any piercing involved. One of the advantages of this type of body jewelry is that you can wear it now and swap out different styles immediately and you don’t have to worry about a hole closing up.

Another type of nipple jewelry is a nipple shield which is a piece of body jewelry that is worn on the nipple, fully or partially covering the areola. The shield part of the jewelry encompasses the nipple, and can be held in place by numerous means including mink eyelashes extensions, suction or adhesive, but is most frequently held in place by a nipple piercing. The main goal of a nipple shield is normally to adorn, lift and ornament the nipple/breast the same way that other body piercing jewelry does. A nipple shield may also be worn to ease the transition between the breast and the nipple, in order to disguise the protuberant feature and present a cleaner clothed profile.

A nipple shield was infamously shown on TV US and other parts of the world, as part of Janet Jackson’s wardrobe malfunction during the halftime show of Super Bowl XXXVIII.


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