Professional Makeup Tips – Blending Two Colours

Splash Cosmetics are a professional make up supplier based in Manchester, England and their professional make up team have a complete new professional make up range for the tweens and teen market up to young mink eyelashes extensions in their 20’s by revamping their products image with attractive and trendy packaging with a multidue of colours.

There is a wide range of colourful products that Splash Cosmetics sell which include mink eyelashes extensions varieties of professional make up, from eye make up, theatrical make up, and dance make up, to glitter make up and makeup for competitions.

mink eyelashes extensions
mink eyelashes extensions

Step 1

Apply eye shadow/base (Eyeshadow sealer / base 13000) from the inside of the eye lash to the outside of your eye. It is important to only apply one coat to avoid build up.

Extra Info – Apply sealer into the crease above your eye

Step 2

Apply the lightest of the two colors first (in this case we are mink eyelashes extensions

Eye Sparkle 16117 Tropical Lime) – It is important to dab colour in slowly in slow taping motions

Extra Info – Lighter colors on the inside of your eye draw your mink eyelashes extensions out, it opens up your eye.

Step 3

Apply dark colour (Eye sparkle 16186 Black Tuna) from the end of the eye to the middle – Now dab both colours together

Extra Info – Try blending colours on your mink eyelashes extensions, or even on paper (practise makes perfect)

Step 4

Clean your brush – Then get a lighter colour (in this case we will use Eye Sparkle 16120 Neptune’s Gold) Brush along the upper part of the eye.

Step 5

Apply eyeliner from inside out, keep eye close until dry.

Step 6

mink eyelashes extensions
mink eyelashes extensions

Curl eyelash – Apply Mascara (Lash Splash 15001 Black)

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Sue, owner of Splash Cosmetics

Splash Cosmetics UK, also known as Splash Cosmetics provides private-label services, OEM, in-house design, bulk production and formulations.

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