Look Younger Today – Five Makeup Tricks to Erase Years

Do you ever look at other women and wonder “How do they do it? How do they look so much younger than they are?” If you have ever spent time wondering how you can erase years from your face then the five tips below will be a big first step in helping you lashes mink eyelashes wholesale or regain your youthful glow.

lashes mink eyelashes wholesale
lashes mink eyelashes wholesale
  1. Wear hydrating lip color. Nothing looks more “old woman” than dry caked on lipstick. By using a hydrating lipstick or finishing your lip color with a gloss, your lips appear more moisturized and hydrated, a certain sign of young lips.
  2. Wear neutral tones on your eyelids. If you have eyelids that tend to droop to the side (which can make you look older) try applying a neutral tone to the middle of your eyelid. The neutral color will mask the “droopiness” of your eyes therefore giving your eyes a lifted appearance. And eyes that look lifted look more youthful.
  3. Fill in those brows! A recent study showed that women with fuller brows were thought to be younger than those with thin brows. The key to getting great looking, fuller brows is to use the most natural looking lashes mink eyelashes wholesale. For this I recommend a cream rather than a pencil. Pencils can be harsh and are harder to blend than creams. Creams go on lighter, therefore look more natural and are easier to blend in with your natural brow.
  4. Keep your cheeks looking natural. To give your cheeks a natural youthful glow, you need to make sure that the color is blended and subtle. Our preferred method of achieving this look is to apply your cheek color after your foundation but before your powder. By sandwiching your cheek color between your foundation and powder, it is better blended and appears more natural.
  5. Apply concealer or light shadow on the inside of eyes and corner of nose. This may seem like a strange tip but it works! By applying concealer (which is lighter than your skin) or a cream colored or white eye shadow or highlighter in this spot, it gives the eyes a brighter appearance, which is definitely a trait of young eyes. Start by applying the concealer or shadow on the inside part of your nose that is directly parallel to your eyes. Then blend downward. Don’t go too far though or you will be able to tell you are “faking” your bright eyes. Stop where the orbital bone meets your nose. This area is easy to spot, it’s where the white is naturally around your eyes ( or at least where it used to be.)

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lashes mink eyelashes wholesale
lashes mink eyelashes wholesale

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