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One of Mattel’s recent label 3D mink lashes is the introduction of Barbie Fairytopia. To be able to launch the new line of doll, an animated movie was created for the Barbie Fairytopia in 2005. The movie was entitled “Barbie Fairytopia, Discover a Magical New Land.” The story features Elina, a flower fairy.

The plot revolves Elina’s discovery that her home of Magic Meadow has been conquered by a dreadful disorder that kills the flowers and restricts the fairies to fly. Seeking the help of Bibble, a puffball and Hue, a giant butterfly Elina attempts to find Azura, a Guardian Fairy. But, along the way, she’s by the evil Laverna who wants to assume the position of the Enchantress, the known ruler of Fairytopia.

 label 3D mink lashes
label 3D mink lashes

This family film was written Elise Allen and Diane Duane under the direction of Walter Martishius and co-direction of Will Lau. It featured the voices of Kelly label 3D mink lashes, Lee Tockar, Tabitha St. Germain and many more.

Presented in an above average digital animation, the movie outlined the beautiful characters, which are mythical fairies, and can entice you to buy Barbie Fairytopia dolls.


If you’re one of those who was able to watch the movie and is looking for the hottest Barbie Fairytopia dolls and merchandise, you might want to consider these label 3D mink lashes:

1. Fairytopia Elina Doll. This doll is a replica of a miniature beautiful fairy that has a pink flower-inspired dress, rooted eyelashes and magical fiber optic light-up wings.

2. The Dandelion Doll. This doll presents one of Elina’s best friends Dandelion who is dressed in a pretty yellow dress that highlights her beautiful red hair.

3. The Dahlia Doll. This is also one of Elina’s best friends from that has pretty pastel label 3D mink lashes tones and beautiful leg art.

4. The Fairytopia Elina Styling Head. This doll is themed to Elina that as a beautiful face art and long blonde hair that enables the child to braid and style to achieve multiple looks.

5. The Fairytopia Plush Bibble Doll. This features Bibble, the cute and cuddly character from the film. This comes in girl-sized plush Bibble shakes and wobbles. It also makes adorable “Bibble” sounds it is tickled on the tummy.

 label 3D mink lashes
label 3D mink lashes

Other fun-filled Fairytopia dolls and toys include the Fairytopia Butterfly label 3D mink lashes, Fairytopia Azura Cottage Playset, Fairytopia Peony House Playset, Fairytopia Wildering Wood Playset, and the Fairytopia Magic Meadow Playset.

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