Longer Lashes Are Now Possible – Grow Them Yourself!

Longer false eyelashes box have always been a feature that most women want, it being one of the more attractive features in a face. Women want to look good, both for their own satisfaction as well as to look good to the opposite sex. Nothing is more enticing than a seductive slow flutter of long eyelashes when a lady is looking into the eyes of a member of the opposite sex.

But what do you do when you have short lashes, or thin lashes, or lids sparsely populated with lashes? Or worse still, no lashes at all?

false eyelashes box
false eyelashes box

Improvise. What man has come up with so far has been – the clever use of mascara, then false eyelashes box then eyelash extensions, and finally, the eyelash transplant.

All of these have made it possible for women to look much more attractive. But somehow, just somehow, it did not feel real. Deep down, it just was not the real thing, aside from the transplanted ones, which were not particularly successful or natural-looking anyway.

The answer to this problem? Grow lashes of your own.

As often is the case, scientific discoveries occur quite by accident. Persons treated with eye drops meant to reduce the eyeball pressure in glaucoma were noted to have started growing longer eyelashes. It did not take long for the entrepreneur instinct to surface and instead of dismissing the growth of the longer lashes as a cumbersome side effect of glaucoma treatment, the folks in Allergan Inc. further developed this discovery and came up with a product called Latisse, which was effectively bimatoprost ophthalmic solution 0.03%.

Applied nightly to the margin of the upper eyelid alone, at the base of the eyelashes, this item has been scientifically proven to start growing longer eyelashes from as early as 8 weeks. This product has recently been approved by the Food and Drug Administration for use in growing longer lashes. The product is available only on prescription.

How bimatoprost works is by stimulating the growth of the hair follicles to produce hair, as well as to prolong the growth phase of this hair. This has resulted in the production of thicker,darker, and longer eyelashes, that stay longer before dropping off. The effect lasts as long as the solution is applied, and the new lashes drop off over a period of weeks upon stoppage of treatment. Side effects are said to be minimal and tolerable, including some pigmentation of the skin of the eyelid which may be reversible, and pigmentation of the iris which may be permanent. Other side effects include itching in the eyes, and eye redness.

However when all is said and done, growing longer lashes of your own naturally is definitely an improvement on the traditional old fashioned methods of applying false eyelashes box, much like the pleasure of growing your own hair on your scalp far outweighs that of using wigs.

false eyelashes box
false eyelashes box

More information on the art and science of growing longer lashes, a new phenomenon in the world of beauty, can be found by visiting. Tony Wong is a medical practitioner with an interest in aesthetics.

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