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Stream Cosmetics Releases Important Information – Read This Now

The technology of airbrushing foundation and other customised eyelash box onto the face and body is not entirely new. Stream Cosmetics is the latest company to join the airbrushing world, and despite claiming to be the first to bring the technology to the everyday home (untrue) they are the first to offer a home based business opportunity (pyramid type marketing) along with their airbrushing makeup tools and supplies.

Upon closer inspection, which one of Stream Cosmetics’ areas of endeavor really stands out from the crowd? Let’s have a look.

customised eyelash box
customised eyelash box

Starting with the customised eyelash box, there really isn’t anything they are offering that other airbrushing companies aren’t already offering, except their matte foundation is supposed to last for fifty hours (really??)- which is pretty hardcore! Other than that they offer a selection of foundations, primers, highlighters, blushes, bronzers and eye and lip colors which is pretty standard of any makeup company. Non-airbrush products they offer include a felt-tip pen style eyeliner, a concealer and setting powder. They also have an airbrush tanning system, but this is also not a new innovation in airbrush technology.

Their makeup is definitely on the expensive side, with a quarter ounce bottle of foundation costing $28, which is more than double what some of the leading airbrushing companies charge, but they also say that their foundations contain humectants and antioxidants, which would be more nourishing for the skin. Overall nothing looks bad, but this is not a revolution in airbrush makeup, just a new label. They are actually a new marketing arm for Luminess Air. Do a Google search for Luminess Air reviews for more details on their industry reputation.

Onto the business side of things. Their business model seems to be along the lines of Avon and Amway, where independent distributors sign up with the company and sell the products with a percentage of profits. So it may soon be “Stream Cosmetics calling” that we hear ringing across America. Although the Stream Cosmetics products are available for single purchase through their website, the big drive of the company seems to be in the way of the distributors, which could work in their favor wonderfully (like it did for Avon) or could be a big disaster – as they are such a new company we’ll have to wait and see on that one. Hundreds of new Multi Level Marketing companies start every month and very few succeed.

Distributors can sign up with Stream Cosmetics for a mere $50, and there is no investment in inventory required, which is pretty attractive. Of course it is not a something for nothing deal, so it requires a lot of drive to make this at-home business work because in order to progress through the distributor levels one needs to be recruiting new distributors, selling products and making sure the distributors underneath them keep on going too – if one does succeed, then there are quite a few perks at the top of the scale, but this could no doubt be tough to achieve.

The real test for this company though is to see if its customised eyelash box can stand up to the leading competitors already established in the market – because if they don’t have a good product to sell, then no matter how good their business plan is, it won’t flourish.

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customised eyelash box
customised eyelash box

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