Making Facial Features Stand Out With Makeup

One of the many reasons that women take so much time in applying their beautiful mink lashes is because of how much beautiful mink lashes can change their appearance. By applying makeup you can change how people perceive you, in fact you can go from ordinary to extraordinary in the amount of time it takes you to apply your makeup. One of the biggest reasons that applying your makeup so carefully can change your appearance is because you can use the makeup to highlight certain features that otherwise would go unnoticed.

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One of the first things that you can do with a light powder is to highlight your brow bone and your cheekbones. You do not need to use any special color to highlight these features, the same powder that you use for face can be used for these bones, and it is how you apply it that is going to make the difference. When applying the powder to your brow bones you will want to apply it lightly just below your brow bone. To highlight your cheekbones you want to apply the powder to the highest part of your cheekbones to help emphasize those features.

Not only can you bring out your cheekbones by using a light powder but you can also use blush to draw more attention to your cheeks. When using blush you will only want to apply it to the apple of your cheeks because otherwise you can create a clown look. To find the apple of your beautiful mink lashes the best thing that you can do is smile. Begin applying a small amount of blush to the apple area and then follow your cheekbone out towards the temple. You will also want to blend the color down towards your earlobes. The hardest part is making sure that you do not use too much color, but if you do you can use a wedge to help blend the color in. To do this you want to use the clear side of the wedge brush and blend it in until there is only a small amount of color left.

One problem that many women face is having hidden cheekbones, which means that no matter what they do the cheekbones are not going to stand out. To help make your cheekbones stand out you are going to want to contour your face by using a brown powder, you want to use a milk beautiful mink lashes color rather than an ultra brown though. To contour your face you need to create something like a shadow by using a brush to apply the powder from your temple and going down until you reach the apple part of your cheek. Once that is done you will want to take a white powder and apply it right between your eye and cheekbone until you reach your temple.

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