10 Make-Up Tricks You Must Know

Couldn’t figure out the band mink lashes way to apply make-up? Don’t worry! That’s why we’re here!


 band mink lashes
band mink lashes

1. Dusting light powder down the bridge of the nose band mink lashes it look thinner also when applying a darker color at the tip of the nose makes it appear shorter.

2. Instead of fully lining the lips, draw a sideways-V shape on each outer corner. This will make your lips look fuller and more natural than overall lining.

3. Apply mascara only on the outer upper corners of the lash line, it lifts the band mink lashes and makes it look more open, in addition more natural.

4. Brush your lips softly with a toothbrush before applying lip gloss and the lip gloss will stay on longer.

5. Applying black eyeliner just half way under the eyes and an top lash band mink lashes will make your eyes look bigger and sexy.

6. If you apply blush/bronzer closer to the center of your face, it makes the face look longer and slimmer, whereas applying bronzer/blush near the ears and away from the nose/center makes the face look wider.

7. Put some green make-up on red pimples before applying concealer to help reduce the obvious redness.

8. Apply eyeliner to top lash line to make eyelashes look thicker and longer.

9. Apply Vaseline® to lashes at night to make them healthy and fuller. You can also apply it in a way that your lashes are curled in the morning. Just create a curl on your lashes with the Vaseline® and they should be kinda curly in the morning.

10. Too much foundation can make your skin look worse. Don’t exaggerate, less is more! 😉


Article Source: zvhair


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