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Women are always busy. It is extremely busy for those who wish to have fun time after work. But when you and your face are tired, you may find that your face makeup is not that long lasting. You find that the face oil or sebum excreted remove away your face 3d mink eyelash extensions so quickly. What can we do?

3d mink eyelash extensions
3d mink eyelash extensions

Usually, the air conditioning in the office room can your face dry. When the face is dry, the face 3d mink eyelash extensions is not going to be long lasting. You can always refresh your face with the mist pray. Place a tissue paper onto your face, then spray the mist over your face. Wait until you feel that the mist has been absorbed. Then use oil blotting paper to press gently on your face for heavy oil areas.

When the oil is too much that you need to re-apply the makeup, you can use a slightly wet sponge together with your powder. Gently press onto your forehead, chin and nose. You may also pay attention to areas like around the mouth and hairline. The tip for re-applying powder is to gently re-apply more often instead of re-applying a thick layer.

If you re-apply the 3d mink eyelash extensions with only the powder or foundation, that may make you look pale instead of refreshed. Therefore, you need to use your thumb finger to get a little bit rouge. Smudge the rouge around your cheek bone. Then, apply a little bit lip stick or lip gloss. This helps you look refreshed and natural.

If you find that you have to frequently re-apply the face makeup due to the heavy oil secretion, you can try to mix some of your moisturizer with a little bit your foundation powder. Then use your sponge to apply the mixture to your face. This is especially suitable for the T zone. This not only refreshes your makeup, it also brightens up your skin.

Sometimes, you may find your eye makeup being dissolved by your eye sebum. You may look like a panda for the dissolving eyeliner or eye shadow. You can clean up the dissolved eyeliner with cotton bud and water or moisturizer in a rolling action. Re-apply the eye shadow. You can use a little bit water to wet your eye shadow brush. Then re-apply your eyeliner with the eye shadow brush. Then smudge a bit the eyeliner to your eye lid.

That is how you can turn your oily makeup face back into a fresh and clean matt look. Oily skin is the fundamental cause for non-long lasting makeup. For those of you are having oily skin, you must be more hard working to re-apply your 3d mink eyelash extensions.

3d mink eyelash extensions
3d mink eyelash extensions

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