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How To Wash Your Curly Wigs And Style Them After?

 Last updated Dec.23,2020

Curly wigs can never be out of style. There is just something about them. They look not only chic but attractive as well. Curly human hair wigs can give you that curly look without necessarily making your hair to get the same look. However, curly wigs require proper care because they can easily tangle. And when they tangle, they look pale and ugly. This is why you need to wash them properly and style them appropriately.

curly wig

So, if you are looking for the best ways to care for your curly human hair wig or synthetic wig, you are in the right place. This article gives you tips to help you wash your curly hair as well as maintain it. Keep on reading to explore them.


1.How to wash your curly wig?

2.Tips for Styling and maintaining your curly wig

3.Top-selling Curly wigs at UNice

First, let’s talking about how to wash your curly wig?

Curly human hair wigs tend to get dry and collect dirt and grime easily since their curly patterns contain more splits on which debris and grease from hair products can get trapped.   The rule of the thumb is to wash your curly wig after ten years. However, that will depend on your observation. For instance, if you notice that your curly wig starts feeling heavy, or the curls start looking dry and dull, that indicates that it’s time to wash it. This could even happen after five years. Here are steps to help you wash your curly wig:

1.Identify the type of curly wig you have

The first step before you wash your curly wig is to identify what type of curly wig you have. Is it a curly human hair wig, or is it a curly synthetic wig? These wigs have different safest washing practices. That’s why you need to know the type of curly wig you have.

2.Detangle the wig

Before you start washing your hair, you need to ensure that the wig is tangle-free. Both human hair and synthetic hair tangle, and these tangles will matte once the hair gets wet. To detangle the wig, slightly damp the hair with a conditioner and water solution. Then use a wide-tooth brush to brushy gently as you work in small sections. Brush the curls starting from the ends as you get to the top.

3.Shampoo the hair

Once your hair is wet and detangled, you need to apply shampoo. If your curly wig is made from human hair, you can use the normal shampoo that you use on your hair so long as it doesn’t have sulfates. Moisturizing shampoos or those shampoos made for curly hair work best with curly wigs. Apply the shampoo gently and evenly all over your hair.

4.Rinse off shampoo

The next step is to start washing your hair. You can wash your hair in a sink or wash it under running water so that the water flows through the hair in one direction, hence minimizing the chances of the hair tangling. If your wig is very long, you may use the shower so that your wig does not get tangled while laid in the sink. Remember to use lukewarm water rather than hot water as too hot water can damage the wig.

5.Dry your wig

Once you have rinsed the wig, remove it carefully from the water and lay it flat on a towel. You can take another towel to pat the wig down gently so that it can dry off. It is advisable to pat the wig dry instead of rubbing it dry since doing that can interfere with its curls. Additionally, don’t dry the wig on a mannequin head or wig stand since the weight of the wet wig can stretch it out and damage the curls.

If you want to know more information about this, you can watch this video to know how to wash your human hair wigs step by step.

2.Tips for Styling and maintaining your curly wig

Curly human hair wigs are generally made from naturally curly hair. That means the wig will dry into a curly pattern. However, you must ensure that you maintain and define these curls to achieve a bouncy and shiny look. The trick to a vibrant curly human hair wig is to add back moisture. Immediately you have washed your wig, that’s the perfect time to liven up and define the curls on the wig.

While the hair is still wet, add a moisturizing leave-in conditioner. After that, the hair will start looking more vibrant. Now is the perfect time to define them. You can use a good curl definer or gel activator that will not leave a crunchy feel to the wig.

Other than that, you need to ensure that you use the right hair product for your wig. Don’t expose your wig to too much heat. In addition to that, store your curly wig properly. Don’ put the wig inside the drawers as that can make the curls become tangled and knotted. Instead, place it in a mannequin head or hag it on a wig stand when not wearing it.

Curly wigs are a great way to enjoy perfectly styled curls each and every day. If you are searching for beautiful, classic curly wigs, you can try  UNice virgin human hair curly wig. There are many colors, lengths, and curl sizes available so you can confidently flaunt your favorite curls. Here are Unice’s top-selling curly hair wigs for you.

3.Top selling Curly wigs at UNice

1.Curly Wigs Lace Part Wig 

Curly Wigs Lace Part Wig

2.Pre-plucked Long Curly Lace Front Wig 

Pre-plucked Long Curly Lace Front Wig

3.Headband Scarf Hair Wig Curly Hair

Headband Scarf Hair Wig Curly Hair

Can You Wear A Wig Without A Wig Cap?

 Last updated Jul.22,2020

It is no more a secret that the makeover of celebrities lies in the real human hair wigs. The natural hair wigs have become a handy solution to any hair problem. Whether you are suffering from nasty hair loss, hair thinning, or give a transformed appearance with new locks, colour and style to your hair, wigs seem to be the answer to all your concerns. Have you chosen your preferred wig, and know how to put it?

If you are a newbie in this area, you might come up with several questions on your mind, right? There is a prominent question/confusion that often pops up among the newcomers. Is it possible to put on a wig without a wig? If so, what is the technique or method? This article will be a helping guide for you to put on your wig without a wig cap for the seamless, and natural appearance.

Can You Wear Wigs Without The Caps?

lace wig

This is completely your decision. In case, you are not sure about the choice, you can try putting the wig with and without the cap separately for days. This will give you the experience of what you are most comfortable with. Should you put the wig with the cap or without it? Furthermore, you also get the idea of whether the wig looked more realistic with the cap or without it. Based on your experience, you can make the final decision.

There are certain aspects that must be kept in mind while making your decision.

  • The size of the heads differ for every individual. In case, you have a larger head, you might feel the cap to be tight. This can give rise to headaches when you wear it for a prolonged period of time. on the other hand, if you have a smaller head, there is a possibility that the cap will slip below the wig, making the wig fall off.  Thus, if the perfect wig cap is impossible to find, it is suggested to wear the wig without the cap.
  • Nylon and cotton wig caps are the most common ones to be found. But they can be challenging for those with sensitive skin. Cotton caps can make your skin dry, while the nylon can make it irritating and scratchy.
  • If you are in a location that is overheating, it is better to avoid the cap before you put on the wig. This is because layers will add up to the heat, causing rashes and damage to your scalp and hair.
  • The wig cap can be excessively tight on those without real hair at all. No matter how hard they try, they will experience lightheadedness.
  • If you are left with no other choice rather than wearing a wig cap, you have to ensure that it is kept clean before you put it on. 

Is It Necessary To Wear A Wig Cap Under A Wig? 


Of course it ‘s not necessary to wear a wig cap under a wig,whether or not to wear wigs at all, wig caps are a personal preference.It’s up to your scalp and your desired look as to whether or not wearing a wig cap is the best decision to achieve what you want. 

If You Have Hair…

wig caps are an essential to keep your natural hair protected and out of the way – especially if with the wig you are wearing is a drastically different color than your natural hair.

If you don’t have hair… 

One of the greatest pros for wig wearers without hair is that wearing a cap can provide a protective barrier to protect against any scratchy or uncomfortable feelings you may experience. 

Should You Always Wear A Wig Cap? 

Caps seem to be an essential tool to help keep the wig on and protect natural hair, for others wig caps seem to hinder instead of add to the security and overall comfort of the wearer. 

Some people said too hot while wearing a wig cap, as it essentially acts as an extra layer underneath the wig. This extra heat can make wig-wearing uncomfortable and cause sweating.particularly for those wearing a wig and wig cap for a long period of time!

So,you should wear wig cap according your own need.Regardless, I believe it is good to have at least one on hand for days where wearing a cap may be essential. It’s never a bad idea to try out different methods to find the one that works best for you! 

The Method Of Putting On A Wig Without The Cap

human hair wig

Preparing the hair

When you have decided to ditch the wig cap, the preparation of the hair is very important. You have to ensure that your real hair is flattened. There are several ways of doing it.

  • If you are planning to put on a wig without the wig cap, cornrows are one of the ideal ways. It helps protect your real hair as well. The best part is that you won’t feel much beneath the wig, which is helpful especially when you wear the wig for long hours.
  • Braiding your natural hair is also an effective way of wearing the wig without the cap. Though it might not be completely flattened, your real hair stays protected from getting damaged. Braiding helps to maintain and moisturize hair well. It is suggested that you put your hair in small braids so that there are not many bumps.
  • Twists or flat twists are yet another way of doing your hair before putting on the wig without the cap. You have to make sure that the twists are smaller in size so that there are no bumps or lumps beneath the wig.

Preparing the skin is important

Once you have completed flattening your hair, you have to start prepping the skin. It is important that you apply cleanser on the skin around your hairline. You must remember that the application of the cleanser shouldn’t be made of harsh chemicals to avoid unwanted reactions or allergies. The excessive oil from your scalp should be eliminated by rubbing alcohol on a cotton pad and wipe along with the edges of your hair. If your skin is too sensitive, it is advised to use the serum for the protection of your scalp.

Wearing the wig without the cap

After you have completed prepping your hair and skin, it is finally the time to wear the wig. You have to follow the steps while putting on the wig without the wig cap.

  • You have to hold the wig from the backside with your hands. After you tilt your head a little forward, you need to employ the wig in the direction from front to back.
  • The wig’s front portion should be above your eyebrows. Hence, you have to arrange it accordingly. You have to consider the wig like your bathing cap and put it in exactly the same way.
  • Keep pushing the front of the wig backward your head till it reaches the below of your hairline. You have to place the ear tabs on both the sides facing your ears centre to the wig. You should not cover them. Instead, you have to check whether your wig feels comfortable, and then push in your stray hair.

Now, you can style your wig similar to your natural hair and flaunt your new style. It is recommended to use the 100% real human hair wig nomatter lace front human hair wig or full lace wig. Once you learn to wear the wig without the wig cap, you can stay comfortable wearing it all day long and showcase your new hairstyle. 

What Is A Capless Wig And How Does It Work?

 Last updated Jul.22,2020

If you’ve grown weary under heavy and warm wigs, traditional capless wigs are a great option. Some one called it wear and go wig(you can install it within 2 minutes)So it is the most quickly and conviennent wig type.Are you interested in this glueless human hair wig?Keep reading,we will give you a complete guide of capless wig. 

What you will learn from this article:

  • What is a capless wig and how does it work?
  • What are some of the benefits of capless wigs?
  • The Difference Between Capless Wigs and Traditional Wigs
  • How to wear a capless wig?
  • Where to buy capless wigs? 

First,let’s talking about what does capless wig mean.

What Is Capless Wig?

What is capless wig?

A capless wig is a specific type of wig construction that people wear. A capless human hair wig is a wig constructed using human hair with a basic cap and open wefting! capless wig is also named non lace wig or machine made wig and traditional classical wigs. It plays an important role in people’s daily life,expecially for African American women.  

What does capless wig mean?

The wefts of hair are sewn onto cap. These ribbons are then constructed together on the wig. The ribbons are flexible and stretch so they can shape to the head of the wearer. There are also adjustable straps or hooks at the nape of the neck to secure the wig in place. The adjustable straps are often made of Velcro. 

A capless wig wig will most likely always cost less because they are mass produced in a short period of time. Machine made wigs are constructed using thick caps which create the appearance of more lift and volume to the hair. 

Detail of capless wig human hair:

  • quality virgin human hair material. Bouncy, soft and comfortable , Can Be Dyed ,Permed, Bleached, Highlighted, Curled or Styled As Your Own Hair.
  • Wigs Advantage: Cheap but quality ,Natural Looking,you can wear it without glue and sew in,just wear and go,you do not need to do too much work.
  • Cap Size: Average Size(Head Circumference 22-22.5 inch),it can be adjustable with adjustable straps. secure the wig better, safe and flexible, easy to wear and remove,The Wig Cap has Elastic Bands to Adjust to Fit Your Head Size Well and Fixed Securely.
  • You can Wear the human hair wigs for Many Special Occasions, such as Daily Wear,Cosplay Party,Theme Events,Evening Costume or other Activities.

What Are The Benefits Of Wearing A Capless Wig?

What Are the Benefits of Wearing a Capless Wig

There are many benefits to capless wigs, ranging from comfort to fit to price: 

  • One of the main reasons is because you won’t feel as hot with a capless wig because your hair and scalp will be able to “breathe” much more than they would with a traditional cap wig. Because of the open space between wefts, capless wigs provide great ventilation. 
  • This type of wig is lightweight and comfortable to wear, even in warm climates. 
  • Capless wigs are typically fitted with elastic adjustment straps that go behind your ears so that the wig will comfortably fit onto your head all day long until you’re ready to take it off.Capless wigs are very affordable. You can oftentimes find a durable, natural-looking
  • capless wig for $100 or less.

What Is The Difference Of Capless Wigs?


Only one difference which is the crown traditional wig mad of closed lace pieces while the crown on open cap wig is made from open lace strip.meaning capless wigs are more comfortable.


A capless wig is lightweight, offers natural hair simulation and allows airflow. Capless wig is closely similar to lace front wigs. The only difference is the presence of highly breathable net mesh at the top on to which every hair fiber is tied manually by hand.


Capless wig makes it easier for your scalp to breathe For another benefit, it is generally fittable with the adjustable straps behind the ears. Hence, your hair system will fit securely on your head until you remove it.


Capless wigs are typically fitted with elastic adjustment straps that go behind your ears so that the wig will comfortably fit onto your head all day long until you’re ready to take it off. Capless wigs are very affordable. You can oftentimes find a durable, natural-looking capless wig for $100 or less. 

Capless wigs are the most common (and most affordable!) type of cap construction.If you have one capless human hair wig,you must know how to install a capless wig.

How To Wear A Capless Wig?

1.Stretch the hair net with your hands, put it to your neck from forehead

2.Put the whipstich side downwards, pinch the other side with two hands and pull it up until the net has covered your hair.

3.Adjust the whipstich side to your hairline, set your hair with your own fingers.When it is finished, use hair pins to fix your hair on back, instead of tops

4.It is better that you fix from front, back,left and right sides

5.Put on wig and adjust the size.

Capless wigs are preferred by many for their comfort, breath-ability and affordable price. Now is the time to try a capless human hair wig to see if this is the best option for you! 

Besides,there are different methods. Below we put together some of the common ones:

How To Make A Capless Wig Stay On Your Head?

With bobby pins

You can put them on the wig’s sides. You can pin the hair system through the hair weft.

With combs or clips

Some like combing in front and clipping at their nape. Some prefer teasing in the cap’s middle.

With glue

Whether they are capless human hair wigs or synthetic, you can consider securing them with glue. It can be heavy or light. Some types can secure your hairpiece for a few days at a time. Advisably, you use it in areas without hair. 

With tape

It is another choice for wearers whose hair is thin. Sports tape and the like hold your hair system more tightly. There are less robust options, as well. All you have to do is put it where you wish in the hair unit. Using it in areas without hair is the best.

Capless wigs are preferred by many for their comfort, breath-ability and affordable price. Now is the time to try a capless human hair wig to see if this is the best option for you!

Where To Buy Capless Wigs?

Where to buy capless wigs?

Are you looking for this capless wig? Do you want to go with relatively cheap ones without compromising quality? If yes,UNice should be one of your best options.

UNice online human hair wig store has an enormous variety of hair products, they are all 100% human virgin hair capless wig, in any style and color.Body Wave, Straight, Curly, Loose Wave, Deep Wave and Natural Wave, different hairstyles for your choice.